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Fuck I hate that cunt Nathan off Big brother. What a fucking stupid piece of undulating, man jerky covered with warts of indescribable horrors. Fucking Nathan and Nat. The facial hair chafes me something cruel. Quite frankly I would rather saw off my own nipples with a blunt and splintered stick than let that ugly cunt ever touch me.

I give you my heart!

To all the sad old charity shop ladies that know me oh so well, I would like to deicate this posting to and also a little chunk of that fleshy, throbbing thing I like to call my heart. There is just something about bargaining with little old ladies that makes me weak at the knees. Perhaps it is the thought of tragically kitsch, new, gorgeous things, perhaps it is the overwhelming smell of perfume getting me high. Either way I love m op shop ladies. Peace!
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Heavens to Betsy.

The Perth City Council is going ahead with its plans to redevelop the Murray Street Mall (including Forrest Place) -and now those povo goth kids aren't happy as they'll no longer be able to grovel around all day pretending to be high on pot. What a fucking shame.
(This was on the front page of The Perth Voice, the inner city's community newspaper)

I don't know about you, but oh how I'm going to miss the sight of pimple faced 14 year olds dressed in black screaming at eachother and then sharing a single cigarette between the 20 of them. Actually, no I won't.

I wish Basil Zemplas was a goth kid, JUST SO I COULD SEE HIM CRY.
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In no particular order;

1. Your understanding of Electro music and image comes from Izzy off neighbours.

2. If you don't dress like Avril Lavinge you can't like indie/emo/punk music or hang around in Forest Place.

3. Your parents think Basil Zemplis is a "nice young man", even a role model (despite the fact you have been felt up by him in numerous nightclubs, be you male or female.

4. If you don't get caught up in the whole Eagles and Dockers rivalry, you just don't exist.

5. Everyone's idea of a nice date is dinner at Hungry Jacks drive thru, a movie at Innaloo MegaComplex and being groped at Cottesloe beach.

6. If you don't turn up your collar and go to the Sunday Session at the Brisbane, you don't meet the requirements to be popular.

7. You think the work at P.I.C.A. is simply the most influencual, shocking, politically fueled art, EVER!

8. If you don't drive a 4WD, despite never being out of the suburbs and spend Sundays spraying it with dirt so it looks like you drive hard, you live in poverty.

9. The very thought of being at Rise, Base, Lookout, The Red Sea, Metros, The Clink, etc. makes you want to convulsively vomit and die.

10. If your clothes don't come from City Beach, Supre or one of the many fashionable locations on King's Street, Oxford Street or Beaufort Street, you must be gay or a socially retarded.

feel free to add more theis is simplay a starting point...
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Welcome one and all.
This page is dedicated to my loathing of all things to do with Perth. So join and put up a post/bitch/rant about something that has pissed you off today. Most likely you will find many other poeple who have similarly found themselves fucking fucked off at the same thing. Please remember I do love libral amount of foul language and swearing, so get those creative juices flowing. Feel free to bitch about everything, it makes you feel so much better for it. To get your ball rolling just think of what a cunt Basil Zemplis is or how much you hate Metro City... Maybe it's about the pretentious cunts along King Street, the train station, the pig dog ugly as Tori Spelling's bashed in face bell tower, THE ENDLESS AMOUNTS OF FUCKING STUPID CUNTING PEOPLE!!! Anyhoo Perth haters annon. My name is Sach and I'm a pissed off, angry cunt.
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